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Spotify Highlights Electronic Music with Original Video

The first in a series of cartoon shorts details "How EDM Changed the World"

Spotify may be a little late to the original content game, but they've come up with a way to tailor the first of their new cartoon shorts to their existing user base. The latest edition is titled "Deconstruction: How EDM Changed the World," and delves into the origins of electronic music.

While the roughly two-minute video kicks off with a cringeworthy ecstasy reference, it quickly transitions into more sophisticated topic matter. Colorful cartoon characters act out the origins of Chicago house and Detroit techno, with a narrator telling an abbreviated history of each genre.

The video is the first installment of the Deconstructed series, which will consist of 12 weekly cartoon shorts highlighting musical performances and odd trivia topics.

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After taking a look at Spotify's "Deconstruction: How EDM Changed the World" in the Facebook player above, visit the comments section down below and tell us what you thought of the video short.

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