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The Detroit-Berlin Connection to Grow in Tresor's Detroit Sister Club

Dimitri Hegemann, founder of iconic Berlin nightclub Tresor, has his sights set on the old Packard Plant in Detroit for his latest Techno adventure
Detroit  Packard Plant Dimitri Hegemann Nightclub

Graffiti inside Detroit's Packard Plant, which may house Dimitri Hegemann's new nightclub. Photo credit: Paul Cannon.

A couple of years back, rumors began to spread about Dimitri Hegemann, founder of the iconic Berlin club Tresor, opening a club here in Detroit. Given recent developments, it looks as though those rumors may have some truth to them.

For the uninitiated, Tresor was founded back in 1991. Initially, the venue was licensed as an art gallery in what used to be a Wertheim department store location. It was actually in the vaults beneath the old store where the club was formed - the dance floor was literally pressed between old bank safes.

Even back then, there was a distinct connection between Tresor and Detroit techno artists. According to the Tresor website, "both the DJs and artists from Detroit had inspirated the vault’s sound," and while techno famously originated in Detroit, Berlin has arguably grown into the genre's modern-day mecca. In fact, last month Hegemann himself even announced that he will soon open a techno museum in the city.

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Even to this day, Hegemann opening a club here in Detroit seems a fitting endeavor. Concrete details about the opening are few and far between, but according to The Detroit Free Press, Hegemann has had his eye on the old Packard Plant.

The objective? To bring Berlin and Detroit just a little closer, and to reinforce a connection that's 25 years in the making.

Stay tuned! We will keep you in the know as more developments arise. 

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