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The Impact Of Music On Video Games

A great game soundtrack can make a huge difference in the gaming experience
Xbox one

Xbox one

In video games, the visuals and sounds come together to create one cohesive and interactive experience. This is why it can be regarded as an audiovisual performance. When one aspect is neglected in the relationship however, the overall experience suffers. 

The psychological aspect

In the audiovisual scene, music remains one of the proven ways to establish mood and tone. The right music can get into your subconscious rather easily. With games that come across as dreary, isolated or desolate like Fallout 3 it is usually obvious that the choice of music enhanced that reputation. The score is usually designed to evoke that feeling. The same applies to fast paced action games and even horror where a change of music before a scene can increase or decrease adrenaline levels. 

This explains why in all genre of games, attention is paid to the music used. The casual gaming niche is not left out as it is easy to find casinos online and even browser based gaming options include quality music. Some of the casino games offered on and similar sites for example, are exceptional and match the theme of the different games to ensure a pleasurable online casino gaming experience. 

On the video game front, Mass Effect 2 is a good example of how good scoring can have a positive impact on the gaming experience. 

Another reason why music is important in video games is important is that when done correctly, it can ensure addiction.  

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The Super Mario example

Koji Kondo was burdened with the challenge of doing the score for the Super Mario Bros. It was a big challenge at the time because video games were still in their earliest phase as far as storage was concerned. This meant that there was little room for composing. Koji therefore had to come up with a tune that is addicting and can keep people playing for hours. At the end of the day, he came up with what is unarguably the most iconic themes of all time. The tune readily came to mind writing this piece and for many millennials, it is one that they associate with their fun childhood. 

It is not always smooth sailing though. 

The Dark Knight Rises 

The Dark Knight Rises 

A bad example of music in video games

The Dark Knight Rises is just one of many examples that show us how not to use audio and visuals. In the game, you will find the score completely missing out the tone or mood that the visuals demonstrate. In the starting scene for instance, we are introduced to Bane just before the plane is hijacked but just before then, we are hit by the score from Zimmer which is not just overbearing but also drowns out any suspense that the visuals were trying to portray. 

Great music is vital for video games. It is no surprise therefore that game companies value their composers greatly, with more composers joining the scene. Music truly helps shape and define a game. 

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