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The Weeknd Teases Preview Clip from Presumed Cashmere Cat Collab

...At least, we'd be blown away if Cashmere Cat DIDN'T produce this
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The Weeknd /Cashmere Cat "Wild Love" Studio Tweet

There's been a lot of talk this month about The Weeknd and Cashmere Cat's rumored collaboration, and the former artist looks to have revealed the first glimpse. He posted a preview clip of the what could only be "Wild Love," that's elicited excitement from both artists' combined following.

The Weeknd posted the following video to his SoundCloud account (which, if you look closely, is a video taken in an almost pitch-black room):

The stripped-down song segment bears distinct hallmarks of Cashmere Cat's production style, and the two had already revealed that they were in the studio together last week when The Weeknd made the following Facebook post:

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Cashmere Cat only fueled his fans' anticipation when he revealed that the song would come out Friday. In the time since, he's gone on to disclose that "Wild Love" is indeed the name of his collaboration with The Weeknd, and will be the title track of his upcoming album.

Needless to say, music fans the world over wait with baited breath to hear what the full song might sound like. It stands to reason that the the first single from Wild Love might accompany a track list or official release date for the effort, however, so make sure to check back with us and see for yourself.

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