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Tropical Vibes Abound in Gigamesh's "History"

The single arrives ahead of Time Travel, the album on which it will appear


Gigamesh's lively, forward-thinking brand of house music certainly has a place in the contemporary electronic music landscape. At a time in which so many artists favor more classic sounds in their productions, "History" serves up a fresh take on the four-four formula that somehow doesn't betray its celebrated origins.

Upbeat percussive elements are accompanied by reverberant pad synths in "History," with Damon C. Scott's soulful vocals ringing out on the top line. The song manages to capture the energy of tropical house without resorting to any of the genre's tired-out cliches - you'll notice it to be refreshingly absent of pan flute and steel drum synths, for instance.

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"History" is but one song from Gigamesh's upcoming album, Time Travel, which is slated for release on August 19th. The day after the album release, he'll perform at Magnetic Magazine's very own 5th Anniversary Celebration, which will take place on The Rooftop at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles.

After listening to "History," make sure to look out for other songs from Time Travel over the weekend - and find tickets to Magnetic's 5th Anniversary Celebration here.

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