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Troyboi's "Voyager" Blends Urban and Orchestral Influences

No stone left unturned in the London producer's musical journey
London DJ/producer Troyboi

Even as trap music appears to be going the way of dubstep in 2016, Troyboi appears capable of reinventing himself with each successive release. The London-based hip-hop DJ/producer has uploaded a track titled "Voyager" to his SoundCloud account that incorporates orchestral samples into its bouncing rhythms.

A somber strings section builds tension in the beginning of "Voyager" before an upswell ushers in an 808-heavy drum pattern. Reverberant synths serve to accent the more prominent elements of the arrangement, with a male vocal refrain ringing out at each drop.

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When put side by side with other recent Troyboi originals like "Sensei" and last year's "Remember," however, "Voyager" exhibits a style that the artist doesn't seem to have fully perfected quite yet. Be that as it may, if he continues to work symphonic elements into future arrangements, he's sure to develop the same risk taking confidence evident in his other music.

As far as live performances are concerned, Troyboi announced last week that he would embark on The Mantra Tour, which would take him to 28 cities throughout North America from September to October. To see the full list of tour dates on his website, click here.

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