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Vanilla Ace Returns with Night Steppin EP

The London house producer turns out yet another strong EP
Vanilla Ace

Vanilla Ace

We're not even two thirds of the way through 2016, and Vanilla Ace has already dropped his third EP of the year. In January we proudly premiered his Jet Setter EP, then two months ago he followed it up with the collaborations that made up his Lose Control EP - and today, he's delivered the three-track Night Steppin EP.

While songs like his 2015 hit "The Streets" established him as a celebrated purveyor of G house, the better part of Vanilla Ace's discography ranges the rest of the house music spectrum. The Night Steppin EP in particular is an exercise in melodic, soulful four-four beats that often border on future house for their reverberant, rubbery bass lines and disco-tinged vocal samples.

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Alongside the Night Steppin EP, Vanilla ace has announced a North American tour of the EP's namesake. After listening to the three tracks above, find out if the Night Steppin US Summer Tour will be coming to your city this month by looking over the list of dates below.

Vanilla Ace Night Steppin US Summer Tour

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