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Viceroy Talks "Fade Out," San Fransisco, and His Summertime All The Time Brand

"My brand isn’t some contrived movement"
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Viceroy DJ/producer Head SHot

Before artists like Kygo and Klingande made pan flute and steel drum samples the next big sound in electronic music, San Fransisco DJ/producer Viceroy had been making beats with the warmer seasons in mind. Don't get us wrong, he doesn't resign himself to tropical house by any means - he simply champions a lot of the same themes in his music as well as his image.

Hot off the heels of his latest release, "Fade Out," Viceroy caught up with Magnetic Magazine to talk about the single. He also discussed coming up in San Fransisco, and touched on the inspirations of his "Summertime All The Time" brand.

How have you been this summer?

Viceroy: I’ve had a great summer so far! I was on tour for a minute, then I’ve been just writing a lot of music and trying to decide where I want to take my career from a musical standpoint.

Any memorable gigs that stand out?

Viceroy: I really enjoyed playing in my hometown of San Francisco this summer at Mezzanine. I haven’t played in the city properly for a year and a half. I had my live setup with my visual show and the place was slammed! Plus, my family was there too, which was awesome.

You just dropped a new single. What is the vision behind the new music?

Viceroy: I just released a single called “Fade Out” featuring Gavin Turek. Jason Bentley has been playing it a ton on KCRW and it made the “New Music Fridays” playlist on Spotify so I can’t complain! I wanted to step away from club music and try something new. I think going forward I want to take a page out of Duke Dumont’s book. He has his pop music he releases and meanwhile he releases his club music to appease his dance music fans.

You have managed to stay fairly consistent throughout your career, what pushes you to focus on delivering a distinct style that reflects the Viceroy brand, "Summertime All The Time?"

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Viceroy: My brand isn’t some contrived movement. It all came about organically. It’s just who I am. Before this whole tropical house movement, I was just doing my thing. “Summertime All The Time” is more than just a slogan; it’s a feeling, a mood, a personality trait, a style of music, a vibe, and so much more. It truly encompasses who I am on and offstage.

How has the city of San Francisco influenced your overall outlook on producing music?

Viceroy: I would say growing up in California more so than San Fran itself has influenced my interest in producing music - and the music I specifically make. I just love living San Francisco. I don’t think you can honestly beat it. Yeah, L.A. has gorgeous weather, but San Fransisco has a vibe like no other.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music? Is there ever a specific message you wish to convey?

Viceroy: I want them to take away this simple message: Don't take yourself too seriously! I make the music I make because it’s fun. There’s no deep meaning to what I make. Some artists try to go that route and that’s totally respectable, but that’s not my vibe. I just want people to let loose and forget about the problems in their lives for a minute when they listen to my music.

What are some of your favorite things to do to get inspired?

Viceroy: I listen to other genres, music that’s innately different than mine. I’ve made music as Viceroy that’s widely ranged BPM wise, and has been inspired by numerous different genres. That’s where I find I am able to grow as a musician.

We understand you are also involved with local restaurants, Palm House and The Dorian. What made you want to get involved with that industry?

Viceroy: It was kind of a natural progression in some weird way. A few of my friends who are successful in the hospitality world in San Fransisco took me under their wing and gave me the opportunity to get involved in the restaurant world. It’s a nice change from just doing music 24/7.

What else do you have planned for 2016? Is there anything we should be looking forward to?

Viceroy: Releasing one or two more singles, a few remixes, two mixtapes, and working on some other special additions that I can’t talk about yet.

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