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Watch: Disclosure's 2.5-Hour DJ Set Live Streamed from Their Kitchen

To be fair, Disclosure could live stream themselves in line at the DMV and elicit a similar response
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Disclosure are Guy and Howard Lawrence

Disclosure are Guy and Howard Lawrence.

With Disclosure being the tastemakers that they are, perhaps kitchen sets will become the new Boiler Room sets. The Surrey, England brothers recently live streamed a DJ set from one of their kitchens on Facebook that has has garnered over a half million views.

Guy Lawrence said little more than "What's up" to viewers across the globe before cueing up the first track of the mix. After taking the audience on a journey through the soulful depths of house music - much of which was on vinyl - he turned things over to Kane Dansie A.K.A. Jimpong, an employee of London management firm Coda Agency looking to launch his own DJ career.

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Despite Disclosure's mainstream success, the response to the kitchen set suggests that they're still well respected in dance music's more underground circles. After watching the recording of their Facebook live stream above, let us know what you think of their mixing and song selection.

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