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Watch This Trippy, Fan-Made Video For LondonBridge's Ookay Remix

A classic case of artist-fan collaboration

Today, we have a classic Internet collaboration tale for you. After LondonBridge released his remix of Ookay's "Thief," a fan who runs the YouTube channel Fresh ended up mashing up this unofficial, now-official, video. We spoke to Rami Perlman aka LondonBridge to get the story.

The Fresh admin first heard the song when a Phoenix-based DJ/producer going by Honest reposted it on SoundCloud. After identifying the artwork as a still from the 1930s Fleischer Studios animation "Minnie the Moocher," he found the original video and synced it with LondonBridge's audio.

Perlman said, "It just so happened to work perfectly. He also told me that he wants to check out Space Yacht when he visits the States. What's crazy is that [the Fresh admin] recognized the still I used and found the original 'Minnie The Moocher' video and did this edit within two days of my releasing the remix. I was totally blown away by that aspect of this whole thing - and he was in Spain no less!"

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LondonBridge is recently getting out of the hospital after a minor accident, and we send him our best wishes as he returns to the Space Yacht weeklies.

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