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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - August 4th, 2016

All the heavy hitters boasting new monsters - Wilkinson, Noisia, Friction, Shapeshifter and Kove... Rack 'em up!


Very over-enthused for my little chart this week - so many heavy hitters with new monsters!!! Earphones in. It's all I can do to distract myself from the barrage of Let It Roll streams, photos and good time reviews assaulting my eyeballs. Utter FOMO. Next year - it's on! 

You may have heard the news that Noisia's new album, Outer Edges was leaked online the Friday night before they unveiled their audiovisual show there. Nice one to the responsible prat for ruining it... Whoever they may be, I hope you go deaf well in advance of being elderly. The guys were forced to released the whole album early, but my oh my, is it somethin'. Go support the dudes and rally against that kind of lowbrow shit - buy the album here.

Last time when Ram's Bensley took the reigns...

"Get Deaded" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

Ooooosh. As per expectations.

"Bring It Back" Friction ft. Stylo G  [Elevate Audio]

My love for the musical stylings of Friction knows no bounds - no secrets there! We also had the pleasure of premiering the B side of this beauty earlier in the week, the slammer that is "Terabyte".

"What" - Wilkinson [RAM Records]

What to say... Very Wikinson! Which makes sense - sterling observation there. Good grimy sprinkle and it just gets better by the listen.

"Mediums" - The Upbeats [Vision Recordings]

Layers like a trifle... A heavy duty, three-cups-of-rum one. There's switch-ups in tempo aplenty, all overlaid with a creamy methodical melody.

"Calm The Fuck Down" - Rene LaVice & Current Value [RAM Records]

Well, if ever a song did the opposite of it's titled intention. Dolphin sounds and crashing waves this ain't.

Recommended Articles

"Bad" - 1991 [MTA Records]

This one recently holding court in the Beatport drum and bass chart, which means it has more than earned it's place on this chart... The dark horse that is 1991, folks!

"Hydraulic" - Dimension [RAM Records]

One moment whilst I fetch a paper bag to breathe in! Tense as hell with a get down and dingy bass line - whats not to dig?

"Into the Fire" - Kove ft. Folly Rae [KVRT Records]

The only thing I love more than melt-your-face drum and bass is glorious, vocal-soaked drum and bass... Which I can count on Kove to provide, always. Sublime.

"Stars" - Shapeshifter [A.R.T. Inc]

It's tough living away from home and sometimes you just need a little boost to remind you where you came from. Shapeshifter are that for me. They are summer, pub marquees, and good memories all wrapped into an ear cuddle. Top tune, top vibes... Tumeke!

"Roll On My Level" - DJ Hazard ft. Summer Rayne [Real Playaz Records Ltd]

You all know the OG tune... Well consider it next leveled with delicious vocals courtesy of Summer Rayne (and with a name like that, what else do you expect?).

All of it! At once!

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