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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart [The Technimatic Edition] August 10th, 2016

Pete and Andy of Technimatic - who more qualified to give us a "better perspective" on the drum and bass tracks of the week?

Andy, Pete and some flash binoculars.

It's's ain't greased lightening - and I'm not actually sure it's those last two things either - but here's Technimatic! The duo's new album on Shogun, 'Better Perspective," has been bestowed with sparkling, glittering praise from dons amongst the industry. Rightly so, too. It's magic. Today however, the focus is on their musical brethren and it is with great pleasure that Magnetic Magazine brings you the Technimatic lads' perspective (eh? eh?) on the drum and bass you need to get yourself amongst.

Last week's chart

"Never Stop" - DC Breaks [Ram Records]

Just full of all the good stuff, this track. Big piano, big bassline, big drums. Destroys danceloors every time we play it, all the elements just work perfectly together. Big love to the guys for this one!

"Falling Short (Dawn Wall Mix)" - Lapsley 

The original is lovely, and Dawn Wall has just taken it up a gear again. Blissed-out pianos with a beautiful and soulful vocal. Sublime.

"Drawing You"- Phil Tangent [Integral Records]

Phil is based only down the road from our studio and we love him both as a producer and just as a top bloke. Another firing and beautiful track from him.

 "In The Area ft. Lifford (VIP)" - Krakota [Hospital Records]

We loved the original of this track to the core. The whole tune was so carefully crafted, and that vocal - just fantastic. The VIP takes it up a gear once again.

"Tru To Form" - Need for Mirrors [Fokuz Recordings]

This has been a staple of our sets for months. One of those tracks you can fling in anywhere and it just works.

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"I Feel So Lost" - Random Movement [Fokuz Recordings]

Mike is another good friend of ours and everything he turns his hand to manages to capture the funk and soul we aim for in our own productions. This track is a pure wiggler through and through.

"Steve" - Arkaik [Dispatch Recordings]

A track which completely took us by surprise the first time we heard it, from a producer whose work we weren't completely familiar with. The simplest of bass and drum combinations - but aren't those always the best?

"Heal Me" (Spectrasoul Remix) - Arctic Lake [UKF]

There aren't many that nail a remix as well as Jack and Dave. Another track we've been fortunate enough to have in our sets for a while, such a lovely piece of music.

"Room 667" - Alix Perez & Skeptical [1985 Music]

Alix is in a real purple patch with his production again, firing tracks out left right and centre. This one comprises that classic deep Alix sound alongside Skeptical, another producer we greatly admire.

"We Look For Patterns" - Technimatic [Shogun Audio]

Oh come on! We had to include one of our own tunes in here. We've been really pleased with the way our new album has been received so far, and this track is one of our favourites from it. It's something slightly more… expansive.

Give you it all? You can't handle it all!!! 
Oh okay, fine.

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