Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - August 19th, 2016

No slacking this week on the DnB front - Whiney, Cyantific, Metrik and Hamilton all back in your eardrums!

Feel like I've been having a cruise lately while grafters Technimatic, Nu:Tone and Bensley have been picking up the slack! Nothing in comparison to Hospital Records head man London Elektricity though, who has been on a literal cruise out in his "Funbulance" - touring the streets in a brilliant piece of promo (see above) for Hospitality In The Park (happening next MONTH!). 

But never fear, your lesser-experienced informant is here, and I'm ready to chat absolute shite over the best and brightest drum and bass tracks this week has to offer! There are a few that are so fresh I can't even link 'em yet, but "Stress and Strain," Ownglow's first output on Hospital, can be found here, 24 minutes deep... And Enter Shikari have teamed up with Joe Ford in a little number called "Torn Apart" which is well worth the forage. 

...But for those of you who just like it easy (so all of us, then) here is the lineup!

Technimatic on the lowdown last time...

"Bounce That" - Hamilton [RAM Records]

"Bounce That" may be the whimsically titled B side to "War," but a light and fluffy gear switchdown this is not.

"Tone Poem (Royalston Remix)" - London Elektricity [Hospital Records]

There is a reason Royalston is my favorite - and if you needed any arm twisting, then please lend an ear below.

"Teddy's Gate" - Whiney ft. LaMeduza [Nest HQ]

"This record is genuinely about a dog and a cat," said Whiney. If you're intrigued, give that a Google. Roller crowd controller from the Nest HQ which follows in the footsteps of last year's co-release, 'BRSTL Hardcore' with S.P.Y.

""Harmony (The Prototypes Remix)" - Adam F & Kokiri feat. Rae [Love & Other]

Right right right up my street, my alleyway (behave!), my garden path.. reminds me of the old DJ Fresh ting. I can see this becoming a go-to track. Love it heartily.

"Life/Thrills" - Metrik ft. NAMGAWD [Hospital Records]

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Well, blow me. This is my ultimate mashup of hip hop, drum and bass, and Mac Miller-esque lushness. Nicely done Metrik - gold star.

"Under The Neon" - Cyantific [Viper Recordings]

Apparently Cyantific has a podcast that he releases on the monthly: CyantificFM. The rumour is it's well good - worth checking out. As is the below!

"Movin"- Rido [Blackout NL]

Oh hello Rido! Just enough vocal on this to bring it to life. Delivering on the grimey yet enjoyable frontier.

"The Riot Squad" - Jaquar Skills ft. Mind Vortex [Viper Recordings]

Spooky as all F&*#.

"Joyrider" - The Upbeats [Vision Recordings] 

Someone on SoundCloud has mentioned this has "tickled their fancy." Well expressed - consider our collective fancy equally tickled!

"Tentacles" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

Betcha knew this one was coming! Inevitable Noisia entry. Reminds me of "Stranger Things," but that might just be my own twisted fascination at play.

Big fat playlist.

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