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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - August 12th, 2016

New trap playlist featuring fresh tunes from Luca Lush, Quix, JayKode, Brillz and more
Brillz - Photo by James Winterhalter

Pictured: Brillz (Photo by James Winterhalter)

Heaps of unique tunes this week. It can be quite the task to sift through the decent, the typical, and the downright awful on a weekly basis, but there are certainly some unique cuts out there. There might be a good amount of artists on the chart this week that you haven't heard of, but that's even more reason to take a listen. 

Plus, mixed in with those, you will also find the ever-creative Luca Lush and even a remix from Brillz and Trav Piper on a mainstream chart topper. But let me say this about the latter: That remix has one hell of an "ah-ha!" moment that really puts it on a different level. 

Full playlist at the bottom

"Soul" - Abstracted (Ouroboros Records)

Ouroboros Records has two stellar tracks on this week's chart. Abstracted had no trouble finding the goldilocks zone between the strange and the rage with "Soul."    

"TELLEM" - LEViT∆TE and Gangus

After teaming up with Holly on an EP titled Heavyweight the other month, LEViT∆TE joins Gangus for another rabid beauty.

"Hi Score (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)" - Swick and Lewis Cancut (Sushi Records)

Can't help but smile on the drop with this one. Swick and Lewis Cancut's original has emerged in great form from Masayoshi Iimori's bubble bath of acid. It's a wild world, folks.

"Need You (Brillz and Trav Piper Remix)" - Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE

The "You" part of the remix is not who you think. This may be the second most mainstream track on the chart, but just wait until Soulja Boy chimes in. Absolute brilliance.

"KIM K" - Dom & Serg (Ouroboros Records)

The other Ouroboros track this week. "Kim K" (one can only venture a guess as to the origins of the title) isn't quite the charmer that "Soul" is, but it is good, dirty fun. 

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"Ski Mask" Ft. Los Moonwalker and Sahtyre - AtlanticHaze (brednbutter)

I don't typically put much traditional trap in this chart, but German artist AtlanticHaze knows how to strike one hell of a balance. This follows his more electronic but equally as impressive "Goons" which I highly recommend checking out

"Laundry" - QUIX (Fool's Gold Records)

You never know quite what you're going to get on these QUIX drops, and while you'd think that knowing that would prepare you for the unexpected... I still didn't see this coming. It's the same old uniquely fresh sound you've come to love.

"Anything 4 U" - Luca Lush

He may have just released a heavy remix to Benassi's "Cinema", but Luca Lush has been known to bask in a beach breeze every now and again. Built from a bright sample, this may be one of his lightest tracks yet which just showcases his incredible range. 

"Coil" Ft. lux.impala - Sober Rob (Slow Roast Records)

Sober Rob's "Coil" drifts off as smooth as sleep, and ends up in a wicked dreamstate. After it ends, you have to go back and listen to the intro to see how far you've gone.

"Leave The World Behind (JayKode and Lookas Remix)" - Swedish House Mafia

I'm always leery of remixes to main stage anthems like this. Even though we're talking about JayKode and Lookas here, you just never know how artificial the result will sound. Well, in this case, it doesn't sound artificial at all. These two aren't just working around the vocals - they're weaving the track into their own sound and making a genuinely new tune of it. Well done.

Full Playlist:

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