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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - August 26th, 2016

New Graves tune, Ookay, Yellow Claw, What So Not, Styles&Complete and a short film from Skrillex and Wiwek.

So many big tunes this week, and a lot of everything from festival to experimental, very known (What So Not, Graves, Ookay) to unknown, dark to bright, new to retro. But amongst it all, the biggest release of the past week may not have even been music at all.

ICYMI, Skrillex and Wiwek released a 20-minute short film called "Still In The Cage" and it's absolutely worth a watch. It's beautifully shot, and while it doesn't get too artsy—it takes place in a literal jungle—it is fairly rich with metaphors. And the "Killa" tease throughout is definitely well played. If you like it, writer/director Jonathan Desbiens has plenty more on Vimeo

Now... If you're still with me, let's get into the music (full playlist at the bottom). 

"Sheep with Wolves" - Graves and Team EZY

Trap Tune of the Week. I really don't want to write anything here, to be honest. I don't want to spoil perfection - that's how good this is. Just wait for 1:30 to roll around. Sheer brilliance (if you know what I mean).

"Money Machine" Ft. Tellem - Yellow Claw and Dirtcaps

Nothing like a feely Yellow Claw melody over a tuff vocal cut. Super catchy, "Money Machine" holds up amongst Yellow Claw's best. "Money Machine" is one of two tracks on here from The Barong Family Album. The entire album is worth listening to in full, especially toward the end when it really turns away from it's familiar jungle themes.

"Savages" - LEViT∆TE

Don't be fooled by the intro. Good things come to those who wait. Seattle producer LEVi∆TE continues to impress, now reaching this chart for the second straight week.

"Buck" - Ookay

Fuck the future. Ookay is back to trap here. So far from "Thief." So so far from "Thief."

"Divide & Conquer" - What So Not

If you've been paying attention, you'll should already know what this is a part of. If not, that's fine. It's what I'm here for. Unlike his previous tunes "Feel It" and "Joy," this one avoids the usual dreamy fog to play in the mud. Off Emoh's upcoming EP.

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"Pop This Get Lit" Ft. Travis Porter - Styles&Complete

Because you should know by now how much I love getting "lit". Either way, it's the weekend and I gotta have a mindless banger in the mix for once.

"Next Up" Produced by Misogi - Floyd

Whether it was Stranger Things, It Follows, or the theatrical re-release of Neverending Story next week, I was already in on nostalgic new retro, and now this. Just let it put the 'hood' back in your childhood. 

"I Began One" - Lucchii

Buffalo wing maker and music person, Lucchii puts some filthy pleasantries behind a diced-up Weezy sample. I started with a list of about 40 tracks this week, and this one kept climbing the more I listened to it. 

"P.S.A" - Cesqeaux and The Galaxy

The second track from Yellow Claw's The Barong Family Album. Cesqeaux and The Galaxy put some serious weight on "P.S.A." Guess how it starts?

"Ride (Jaydon Lewis Remix)" - Twenty One Pilots

The original music video has 150 million views on YouTube, and Jaydon Lewis' trap twist is sick AF. It goes without saying that you shouldn't miss it. 

Full Playlist:

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