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Why Do DJs Love Poker So Much? - Steve Aoki, and Tons of Other DJs are Poker Fanatics

Tons of DJs say that they love to play poker, but only one of them has taken their love for poker to another level, Steve Aoki, who is frequently seen at poker tournaments
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Steve Aoki holding it down at the poker table

Steve Aoki holding it down at the poker table

There have been increasing reports on DJs loving to play poker, and who can blame them. Poker can be as exciting as DJing, and even more challenging. According to the World Poker Tournament there are more than 100 million poker nuts out there and some notable DJs are among them.

Today poker is easily accessible. You don’t have to wait for friends to come to your house and play as there are countless of opportunities of playing online. The internet is especially filled with online casinos that provide all sorts of casino games mostly slots, and there is plenty of information where to play as provided by this Video Slots review or Mobile Pokies Guide. Many of these sites offer poker networks for poker fans to play from their homes.

One of those 100+ million poker players worldwide is Steve Aoki. He has been keeping himself busy with both DJing across the world, getting nominated for Grammies, as well as attend poker tournaments. He has described himself as a poker fanatic that enjoys playing poker against professionals. He has made good friends with Phil Ivey, one of the greatest high-stakes poker pros in the world. 

Aoki’s fanaticism for poker has gone as far as hosting his own poker tournaments at the Holy Ship, the famed electronic music cruise to the Bahamas. Even Tommy Lee and Skrillex joined in on the action. 

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Skrillex is another DJ and artist that loves the game of poker as people witnessed on the cruise. It's not just the young guns, House music veteran Roger Sanchez is also an occasional poker player. He even played his music at the PokerStars European Poker Tour in Barcelona in 2014, where he rocked the parties with his music.

On the other side, there are cases where professional poker players love to DJ as in the case of Vanessa Rousso. She is an American poker pro that earned millions from playing at poker tournaments, but she also loves to play instruments and DJs from time to time.

So it's not just DJ's who like poker but pro poker players love to DJ, odd yes but it seems to further connect the dots. 

So why do DJs love this game so much? Our guess is that the game and the craft of DJing have a lot of similarities. DJing requires you to be organized and always thinking one step ahead, as does poker. Both of these activities pull on the same skill set, you are reacting to the people around you and making moves based on what you have in your possession, whether it's cards or songs. 

That's our best guess, either that or they just are trying to find something to occupy their time with something that is the opposite of a club environment. 

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