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The 5 Biggest Busters in Dance Music

There's a "that guy" in every group. Dance music's gotten so big that it has (at least) five.
Zac Efron Buster DJ Dance Music

Pictured: Zac Efron portraying a buster in film.

Ever-credible slang database Urban Dictionary defines a "buster" as "Someone who cant [sic] hang or is just acting like a little punk bitch." How the five artists below have managed to hang on in the world of dance music is well beyond us, because it almost seems like they're trying to be the butt of the giant joke that mainstream EDM has turned out to be.

In case you were looking for a blueprint of what not to do for your rep as a DJ, look no further. If you think there's an artist of such buster-assedness that they're more deserving than the five listed, however, don't hesitate to let us know by commenting at the bottom - or emailing with "BIG-ASS BUSTER" in the subject line.

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5. Borgeous

Borgeous Press Photo backwards cap

Borgeous is a man of such pronounced busterity that it surprises me more members of the electronic music community haven't publicly remarked on it. It's already bad enough for a DJ to insert themselves into their own music videos, but when also surround yourself with models in said video to offset how goofy you actually look, you're really not doing your street cred any favors. I mean come on, just look at that bustered-out face of his. You can tell he's a buster from a mile away.


VINAI press photo white shirts

Look, for all I know VINAI could be the nicest guys in the world, but they look and sound like everything that's wrong with dance music. Every time I see a photo of them I'm pretty sure I faintly smell cheap cologne in the back of my nostrils, and no amount of festival pyrotechnics make me enjoy listening to their brand of main stage mediocrity.

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...Oh, and they even titled one of their tracks "Sit Down." It's almost as if they fully understand how awful their music is and can't help but make fun of it themselves. Buster-ass busters, the both of them.


EDM duo DVBBS, who performed at Baloton Sound

When you look up "buster" in the dictionary (well, a different dictionary than the one we cited above), I'm pretty sure a picture of DVBBS pops up. These guys are the musical equivalent of rolling up a sock and putting it in your underwear to impress girls, but, like, only if you're the kind of guy who names his member after a natural disaster like how they title all of their songs.

2. Carnage



Carnage is "very very way more louder" than any other DJ on this list, so you'd think his music would at least be something worth talking about. Nope, he plays hardstyle and trap. Great work, buster, you've found a way to blend the two most grating EDM genres into one atrocious wall of noise, and you can't even stay off the mic long enough to let your patently misguided fans listen to it.

1. 3LAU

3LAU black and white legs

I don't know what's worse: Having the last name "Blau" or replacing the B with a 3 and using it as your stage name. Oh wait, never mind, I actually do know what's worse: Finding the phone number and address of somebody who bashed on your music and harrassing them repeatedly.

3LAU's résumé of blatantly busterish behavior doesn't end there, as he's defended his pre-recorded sets in an argument with Z-Trip and engaged in Twitter feuds with almost everyone I know. Even though "Is This Love" is my most begrudgingly guilty pleasure of 2016, 3LAU is undoubtedly a certified Grade A buster of the highest order.

Bonus Buster: Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman Angels Sitting

Corey Feldman is only an honorary entry on this list, because as an authority on electronic music culture Magnetic Magazine refuses to acknowledge that he's part of dance music. Still definitely a buster, though.

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