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North Coast Music Festival is just a day away! This Labor Day Weekend, people from all over are coming to Union Park in Chicago to see their favorite artists. 

North Coast, now in it's seventh year, will not disappoint, featuring artists from a multitude of different genres. Not only will attendees see electronic music heavy hitters like Bassnectar and Odezsa, but rock and jazz acts will be playing right along with them. North Coast is the perfect place to expand your knowledge and love of music.


If you haven't bought your ticket yet, do not worry! You can still find tickets here.

With all the artists coming this weekend it can be hard to choose what to see. Should you see someone you love, or someone you have never seen before? Find out below! 

Louis Futon

Tyler Minfold wants the world to know that a genre does not define him, as he is influenced by every piece of music around him. He mainly draws from hip-hop, but you can also hear his passion for jazz and electronic music. He is able to seamlessly blend together multiple genres in only a matter of minutes - he has created his own sound and has been able to run with it, which is what all artists dream of. Minfold has put out a few remixes and some of his own production in the last four months, including "Zoned Out Vol. 1." Take the time this Friday to see Louis Futon and hear his personal sound. 

Golf Clap

Golf Clap is a duo from Detroit, Michigan. Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal are constantly putting out new content and do not slow down on traveling. Between making new music and tour around the country, they have created Country Club Disco as their brand and have been able to market themselves to people around the world. Golf Clap is centered between house and techno, and their newest song, "Metronome #82" is the perfect bridge between the two genres. Their set will be perfect for North Coast as Chicago is the birthplace of house.  

Plaid Hawaii

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At first glance, Plaid Hawaii A.K.A. Jason Womp seems to be all over the place. A dreaded little hippie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin calling himself Plaid Hawaii doesn't make a lot of sense; however, when you listen to his music it all comes together. He mixes tropical psychedelic dance music with an indie vibe, creating his own calming sound. He will be the set to see on Sunday if you want a good live sound. He just released "Underwater Breeze" a day ago, and you can listen to it above. 

The Floozies

If you are a funky electronic music lover, you will love The Floozies since their funky sound creates a chill and fun vibe. These brothers, Matt and Mark Hill, have been traveling around the U.S. - and two months ago, they put out a ton of new tracks, one of which being "Summer Fling." These two will definitely put a smile on your face on Saturday. 

Action Bronson

What can you not say about Action Bronson? He is a lovable, funny, creative rapper out of New York. Action Bronson, once a culinary chef, has become one of VICE's favorite hosts. His TV show, F*ck, That's Delicious on VICELAND chronicles him and his friends on a tour of the world trying amazing food. Along the way, he showcases his raps. Action Bronson has made a career out of his loves: music and food. Check him out Sunday for a set that will have you rolling.  


This past year, Zomboy A.K.A. Joshua Mellody, has gained a lot of traction for the track "Like a B*tch" and has not stopped for a second since then. He has been touring as much as he can and producing even more - and while he has been working in the industry since his debut in 2011, he has perfected his sound and found his voice in his music. He focuses on dubstep, drum and bass, and moombahcore among many other styles. Zomboy always goes hard and never stops. His set on Sunday will be a banger that leave you exhausted by the end. 


Which artists are you going to see this weekend? Is there someone you think we should see? Comment below and let us know!

North Coast Music Festival would not be complete with out after-parties. Click here to see who has the best after-parties to keep you going into the next morning!

See you at the festival!

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