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One of Acid House's Pioneers, DJ Spank-Spank, has Reportedly Died

DJ Spank-Spank had stood alongside DJ Pierre at the epicenter of acid house
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Chicago producer DJ Spank-Spank has reportedly passed away. He and fellow acid house legend DJ Pierre are widely credited as having originated the genre, having laid the foundation with their 1987 album, Acid Tracks, which they released under the moniker Phuture.

Electronic Music 101: What is Acid House?

DJ Spank-Spank had suffered a stroke back in May that required him to undergo surgery. Scarce details of his passing have been made available to the general public, but The Black Madonna, another DJ/producer from Chicago, tweeted the following:

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DJ Spank-Spank's name often comes up when DJ Pierre tells the story of acid house's haphazard origin. According to him, the two had been playing with a Roland TB-303 bass line synthesizer - which had been intended to emulate the sound of bass guitar - and DJ Spank-Spank had turned a knob until the machine put out the signature acid house squelch, which caught DJ Pierre's ear.

We here at Magnetic Magazine express our condolences to the family, friends and supporters of DJ Spank-Spank at this time.

Source: Mixmag

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