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Following the close of Defqon. 1 Festival in Sydney, Australia - which took place on September 17th at Sydney International Rowing Centre - law enforcement agencies have reported that a almost 100 people were arrested at the event. The local police had presumably redoubled their efforts for this year's edition following the drug-related fatality of 26-year-old Nigel Pauljevic after that of last year.

Six of those arrested had been charged with supplying an illegal drug, with eight people detained for drunk driving and 44 for driving while under the influence of drugs. According to, police had been on the lookout for "anti social" behavior as well as drug, alcohol and public safety offenses.

Defqon. 1 Festival catered to hardstyle fans from across the world, drawing 25,000 heads for its sold-out 2016 edition. As of this writing, no fatalities have been reported from the event.

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