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AYER Delivers an Alluring Soundscape in the Form of "My Hands"

A memorable single from the NYC singer/songwriter/producer
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Considering that the current electronic music climate is rife with producers trying to adhere to this genre or that, it's nice that AYER appears more concerned with simply making music. Case in point: his latest single, "My Hands," which seamlessly blends melodic synth leads with rich instrumentals and vocals to yield an infectious, accessible progression.

The arrangement of "My Hands" is built around an exchange between crisp piano chords and emotive vocals. A serene saxophone solo finds its way into the arrangement during the bridge after the second chorus, adding precisely the element necessary for the song to veer just enough off the beaten path to be interesting.

AYER's "My Hands" arrives by way of the record label Mummy + Giles. After listening to the track in the SoundCloud player above, make a trip down to the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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