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Beatport Concedes, Will Re-Re-Categorize "Big Room" Tracks as "Electro House"

"We are very happy to hear that everyone is enjoying [the genre changes] so far - with the exception of Electro House."
Beatport Electro House 2016

It's reassuring to see that Beatport is willing to walk it back. The online music marketplace outraged much of its user base when it re-categorized the music of artists as prominent as deadmau5 and Feed Me as "Big Room," but it's announced that next week it will re-re-categorize said songs back to "Electro House."

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Beatport unveiled the update on September 12th to the widespread dismay of countless artists whose tracks had been previously tagged as "Electro House" or "Progressive House." Much of the company's staff attempted to justify the blunder in a handful of public forums, but they apparently now recognize it to have ultimately been an oversight on their part. 

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A post to Beatport's Facebook page reads:

We’d like to say thanks to all who have sent us feedback about our genre changes over the past few days. This project is close to our hearts and so we are very happy to hear that everyone is enjoying them so far - with the exception of Electro House. We've heard you and Electro House will be returning as a main genre next week. Thanks for your continued support and happy listening!

As misguided as the original decision may have been, many of Beatport's customers have shown appreciation that the download store's staff has been so proactive about making decisions based on customer response. With any luck, the "Big Room" fiasco will prove but a speed bump on the brand's road back to relevance.

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