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Boddika Reacts Cryptically to the Hannah Wants Plagiarism Controversy

Compared to Hannah Wants, Boddika's own words on the matter were sparse
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The latest plagiarism controversy to hit the electronic music blogosphere is that of Hannah Wants' recent single, "Found The Ground." The UK DJ/producer recently issued a public response to claims that she, at the very least, borrowed heavily from a VIP of Joy Orbison & Boddika's "Mercy" while working on the single, and now the latter member of the duo has made a comment of his own.

While Hannah Wants' had posted a mouthful of a statement to her Facebook page, Boddika kept his sentiments on the matter short and sweet. After the controversy bubbled up to the point it did over the past few days, he made the following tweets:

While Boddika's remarks could be interpreted a number of ways, they seem to insinuate that he falls on the side of Hannah Wants' critics on the issue of "Mercy" and "Found The Ground." It's unlikely that either artist will have any more to say on the matter, but it won't likely stop being a topic of controversy anytime soon.

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