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Boys Noize Premieres Video for "Mayday (Snowden O.S.T.)" on 4chan's 404 Page

Boys Noize debuted this music video in the most counterculture way imaginable
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As subversive of an artist as Boys Noize is, a brand tie-in with 4chan is even a bold statement for somebody like him to make. The German DJ/producer has released the official music video for "Mayday (Snowden O.S.T.)," and it's featured on the infamous message board's 404 page.

The tie-in isn't entirely random, as this version of "Mayday" will be featured on the soundtrack of the Oliver Stone film Snowden. Members of hacker groups like 4chan and Anonymous have generally voiced support of Edward Snowden's leaks of classified NSA information, which serves as the central plot of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle.

Conveniently enough, Snowden itself also hit theaters around the country today, September 16th. It will be interesting to see whether any other electronic music artists will execute similar means of cross promotion in the days to follow.

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