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Check Out this Image Gallery from Burning Man's First Jumbo Jet Art Car Build

One of the transformative festival's moving art cars is an abandoned Boeing 747
Burning Man The Big Imagine 747 Project

UPDATE: The 747 Project may have been a bit ambitious after all. Burning Man attendees have reached out to Magnetic Magazine to inform us that the art car ended up looking more like this:

Burning Man Big Imagination 747 Project

Burning Man has always rode the fine line between enlightenment and decadence, but this year its organizers might be leaning toward the latter. Last week they unveiled a 24/7 live stream of the transformational festival, and now it's come out that a brand new art car billed The 747 Project is an honest-to-god jumbo jet.

The "largest moving art experience ever made" is the product of a team of mechanics, architects and welders assembled by The Big Imagination, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that "incubates brave new ideas and talent." The interior of the abandoned 1985 Boeing 747 jumbo jet has been tricked out like a nightclub, and part of the experience is some kind of baggage tag social experiment - because you know, these are Burners we're talking about.

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Burning Man The Big Imagine 747 Project

The project was crowdfunded via Indiegogo, which as of this writing reports that over $86,000 has been raised towards that end - 137% of the original goal. While this year's "man build" is rumored to be monumental in and of itself, what The Big Imagination has put together for The 747 Project seems like a Burning Man milestone nonetheless.

Check out a full gallery of concept sketches, renders and photos below:

...And here's some post and mid-production video:

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