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Chet Faker Officially Abandons Stage Name

The artist formerly known as Chet Faker will now perform and release under his birth name
Chet Faker 2016 Press Photo

Chet Faker has become a worldwide favorite in recent years for his organic, soul-infused style of electronic music, but before he gets a whole lot bigger he's opted for a rebrand. The Australian DJ/producer has announced that he is trading in the moniker for the almost-as-understated "Nick Murphy."

Upon closer inspection, however, "Nick Murphy" is not simply another stage name. The Melbourne native was born Nicholas James Murphy, so in a way, the change suggests a degree of permanence that speaks to his newfound maturity as an artist.

A statement Murphy posted to the Chet Faker Facebook page reads:

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its been half a decade since I started releasing music as Chet Faker and all of you have been the driving force behind the music since.
theres an evolution happening and I wanted to let you know where its going.
the next record will be under my own name, Nick Murphy.
Chet Faker will always be a part of the music.
This is next.

In the meantime, Murphy has gone quiet on the release front since June's Altitude & Oxygen EP. With any luck, the name change will be accompanied by new music as we transition into fall.

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