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Conan O'Brien Makes Unexpected Appearance at Berghain

Black Madonna captured a photo of the talk show host's filming
Conan O'Brien visits Berghain in Berlin

Conan O'Brien definitely not wearing what he wore to visit Berlin nightclub Berghain.

We were well aware that techno was getting more popular, but now it's just getting out of hand. For an upcoming Berlin segment of his show, Conan O'Brien was seen outside world-famous nightclub Berghain with a film crew and entourage.

The American television host and comedy writer was spotted by techno DJ/producer The Black Madonna, whose husband snapped a photo. She uploaded the photo to Instagram in a post which has since been deleted.

Conan O'Brien Berghain Black Madonna Instagram
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Well, at least he's wearing all black. 

Berghain recently made news when it was struck by lightning, which resulted in the air conditioning going offline and emergency lights coming on. Interestingly, O'Brien's appearance at the club appears to have elicited more of a reaction from its attendees and supporters. 

Even though the episode of Conan being shot in Berlin hasn't aired, it's expected to "make a caricature" of stereotypes associated with Berghain - namely its strict attendance policies. "[It] kind of belittles the fact that the place has SO much history and is very much a safe space for many, especially for the LGBTI community," read one comment on The Black Madonna's post.

The Conan website doesn't provide an air date for the episode which will feature his visit to Berghain (or at least its entrance), but considering the speedy turnaround for late night talk show episodes it's safe to expect that we'll see how it turned out sometime in the week.

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