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Daft Punk Speculated to be On the Bill for Lollapalooza 2017

Vigilant fans have uncovered what they believe to be an online breadcrumb trail of sorts
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Daft Punk are enshrouded in more of a mystique than almost any other electronic music act of their stature, and they owe much of it to their sparse performances. However, if a recent addition to the Lollapalooza website means what a handful of Redditors think it does, they may perform at next year's edition of the Chicago, Illinois festival.

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In a thread on the r/DaftPunk subreddit, it came to light that the Lollapalooza website has an entire page devoted to Daft Punk. At first, the Redditors didn't rule out that it could have been left-over scripts from when the duo performed at the 2007 - that is, until one of them took a closer look at the website's archive and determined that the page has only been around since February of this year.

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The revelation by no means constitutes conclusive evidence that Daft Punk will finally tour again in 2017, but it's certainly enough to rustle the feathers of hopeful fans. Seeing as how the lineup for this year's edition was announced back in March, however, they may have to wait half a year until they know for certain.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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