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David Bowie's Ashes May or May Not Have Been Scattered at Burning Man

There are conflicting accounts as to whether or not part of David Bowie's remains were mixed in with this year's playa dust
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In a bizarre turn of events, it is unclear whether part of David Bowie's ashes were scattered at the 2016 edition of Burning Man. The world-famous musician had tragically passed away earlier in the year; his godchild reportedly held a ceremony at the transformative festival's temple structure that drew some 70 or so onlookers, but Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, has insisted that no part of his remains made it out to the playa this year.

The initial story was run by E! News, who cited an anonymous source as having purported that Bowie's wife, Iman, gave his godchild permission to take a portion of his ashes to the Black Rock City, Nevada gathering. "David's godchild and David had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it," they had said.

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However, Jones took to Twitter to refute the claim, writing, "That Burning Man thing? What people will do & say for attention never ceases to amaze me. Not true. Kind of a gross claim as well."

In addition, a spokesperson on behalf of the Bowie estate spoke to The Independent, saying, "There is no truth to the story."

As for Magnetic Magazine, we're going to go ahead and file our own assessment of the situation under "not touching with a ten-foot pole." If more conclusive evidence one way or the other presents itself, however, we will certainly deliver that to you as it emerges.

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