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deadmau5 Goes After New Orleans "Shadow Rap" Group for Copyright Infringement

In the grand scheme of things, deadmau5 probably did wonders for their publicity

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Remember when deadmau5 used to engage in David and Goliath-esque legal battles with monstrous enterprises like Disney? The latest party to incur the wrath of the 'mau5 is far smaller by comparison: a New Orleans "shadow rap" outfit called $uicideboy$.

If the phrase "shadow rap" makes you imagine the sort of music that The Insane Clown Posse might put out, well yeah, it pretty much sounds like that - but with 808 drum rolls and other more contemporary elements. Apparently, an act like that found some sort of use for an "entire section" of deadmau5' 2008 Kaskade collaboration, "I Remember," for a track of theirs titled "Antarctica."

$lick $loth of $uicideboy$

...Because jams and face tattoos totally scream "I Remember." Photo credit: $lick $loth.

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As it turns out, they hadn't cleared it with the progressive house mastermind and Mau5trap label head. In a barrage of tweets, he explained the core concepts of copyright law to the members of $uicideboy$ and their label, G*59, and the track was taken down from Youtube and SoundCloud.

As you might expect, a spectacle unfolded in which commenters spoke out on both sides of the dilemma. deadmau5 wrapped up his own commentary on the situation by announcing that he needed to get on a plane, to which an onlooker was quick to reply, "hope you crash."

What do you think - should deadmau5 have allowed $uicideboy$ to sample his music without recourse since they are a smaller act and were not profiting from the release, or was it right for the song to have been taken down? Tell us what you think by commenting below.

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