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Exclusive Guest Mix: Maximono's Road to Dirtybird Campout

This Aint Bristol label head and DJ duo Maximono lay down an hour of urban soundscapes
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Leave it to two two drum and bass aficionados to deliver a DJ set that satisfies your daily ghetto tech quota. In anticipation of Dirtybird Campout - which will take place in Silverado, California from October 7th-9th - Maximono have offered up an exclusive guest mix for Magnetic Magazine that's guaranteed to have you on your feet and dancing.

As they discussed with us in an interview last year, Maximono fit the Dirtybird Records bill to a T: house heads who arrived at the four-four formula by way of drum and bass. Their set most certainly reflects that, as shuffler-friendly BPMs collide with bone-rattling bass lines for its entire hour-long duration.

7 Reasons You Need to Go to Dirtybird Campout

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Whether or not you've worked Dirtybird Campout into your end-of-festival-season itinerary as of yet, you at least owe it to yourself to listen to the duo's Road to Dirtybird Campout mix, courtesy of Magnetic Magazine. If you were on the fence up until hearing it, visit the event website to purchase tickets or find out more information.

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