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Exclusive Interview and Mix: Rising House Star Jamie Prado

What does the future hold for rising star Jamie Prado?

Jamie Prado broke out in the electronic music scene with his groovy and culturally inspired house music, reaching #19 on Spotify's "US Top 50 Viral" charts with his hit single "African Sun." After playing shows with the likes of Oliver, Goldroom and Breakbot, Prado took to the festival scene and played at Goldenvoice's Splash House

Upon observing his impressive kickstart into the scene, we decided to sit down with Jamie Prado and find out more about his unique style of house, his experiences in the industry so far, and his plans for the future. 

Prado also curated an exclusive mix just for us, which you can download on Toneden or listen to below:

What inspired you to get into music production and follow a career as an artist?

Jamie Prado: From the day I picked up my first instrument I really enjoyed the process of making music and performing. I think what inspired me to really pursue it as a full-time career was seeing the reaction and positive impact my music had on people. From DJing to performing my own songs, it's gone beyond just feeling the high of a positive crowd reaction. When people tell me my music has had helped them or inspired them in some way, I think, "Yeah, you're doing what you're supposed to." I'm grateful for the opportunity and lucky to have my creativity feed a career.

What influences have helped you find your signature sound?

Jamie Prado: If we're speaking about musical influences, genres like 1970s soul, jazz, classic house, psychedelic rock and drum and bass have all been instrumental in developing my sound. Outside of music I'm influenced by my surroundings, so depending on where I'm at in life - geographically, emotionally or environmentally - those experiences will come out sonically.

What has been the biggest struggle you've faced so far in pursuing your dreams?

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Jamie Prado: Limiting myself from the full scale of what I am creatively capable of. It's something I work on daily.

What's your favorite experience at any show that you're playing?

Jamie Prado: My favorite experience at a show is seeing people sing along to my songs. When I played Splash House in June, I dropped "Restless" and as soon as the vocals came in I saw people singing along. I was like "Whaaa?!" That was an awesome feeling.

What are your future plans for the project - in the next year, and in the next five years? 

Jamie Prado: In the next year I hope to settle down with a good booking agency and partner with an agent who I'm really on the same creative page with. Another goal in the near future is writing a full-length album. As far as the five-year plan, I've got some goals but it's too early to chat on those.

If you could work with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Jamie Prado: That's a tough one and if you ask this next week my answer will probably be different. As of today I'd love to work with Shep Pettibone. He’s one of the most prolific (yet unsung) heroes in music production. His House edits from the early 90's are so epic.

Outside of the music scene, how do you like to spend your time, and what would you be doing if you didn't become an electronic music artist?

Jamie Prado: I love to travel and do as often as I can. I'm currently in Colombia working on new music. If I wasn’t a full-time artist, I would probably be working in community development and education in Latin American countries or animal/eco-rehabilitation as I love working with people and animals. 

You can also check out a Spotify Playlist curated by Jamie Prado Here.

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