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Exclusive Premiere: UMEK - To Keep You Engaged

We have the exclusive premiere of UMEK's latest dance floor destroyer

It would seem that Slovenian mega DJ/Producer UMEK is damn near sick of dance floor revelers snapping shots and taking video rather than strictly getting down to the tunes. This couldn't be more apparent considering the fact that the techno don has titled his latest humdinger, "To Keep You Engaged."

The 1605 label boss is making sure he keeps the crowd engaged with this one thanks to a 125-BPM-plus rhythm that features a fast-panning, big room-style synth that is sure to keep you quickly bobbing both directions while shuffling along to the swift and steady beat. 

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Oh, and we can't go without mentioning the three-minute "close your eyes" mark where a melodic breakdown will whisk you away and drop you right back down - which is guaranteed "To Keep You Engaged." 

"To Keep You Engaged" is due out on September 26th via 1605 Music Therapy 

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