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Fabric has been Shut Down Permanently

London nightlife figures express their outrage over the closure of the superclub
Fabric Survives, But Faces New Regulations

After deliberation stemming from the drug-related deaths of two 18-year-old men, the Islington Council has revoked Fabric's venue license. When the nightclub closed indefinitely almost a month ago nightlife personalities from across the world spoke out, resulting in a petition to keep the club open that had received roughly 130,000 signatures.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

The Islington Council met to review Fabric's license, resulting in an emotional roller coaster of a proceeding. They ultimately found in favor of the nightclub's closure, which has elicited backlash from some of the London nightlife scene's most prominent figures.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan had been one of the more outspoken proponents of Fabric staying open. In a statement following the announcement, he said:

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“As a result of this decision, thousands of people who enjoyed ‎going to Fabric as an essential part of London's nightlife will lose out. The issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London’s night-time economy, while ensuring it is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Over the past eight years, London has lost 50 percent of its nightclubs and 40 percent of its live music venues. This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife."

Fabric's closure has not been taken lightly, and some of those affected by the Islington Council's decision have taken it upon themselves to protest the outcome of the hearing. Whether or not the 17-year-old club will see a comeback in one form or another remains to be seen, but as of this writing its some odd 250 staff members will be displaced for the foreseeable future.

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