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Frankie Bones Brings Bonesbreaks Back to Life with Volume 17

NYC techno legend Frankie Bones has released the first Bonesbreaks album since the turn of the millennium
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Frankie Bones at Storm Rave 2015

There's no time like 2016 for a DJ as influential to early techno as Frankie Bones to revive one of his celebrated album series. The Brooklyn DJ/producer has released Bonesbreaks Volume 17 - the first edition of the album series since Bonesbreaks 2000.

Frankie Bones' career as a DJ and producer spans over three decades - back before breaks was called breaks, and songs with syncopated drum patterns were simply filed under "hardcore" or "techno." In the past month or so he's been re-releasing the first several editions of the Bonesbreaks series on Beatport through his new label, Bangin Music, and after the first couple volumes found their way to #1 on the top breaks releases chart he's punctuated them with the release of the new edition.

Frankie Bones on His EDC Set, PLUR's Origins, and the Afrika Bambaataa Accusation

Bonesbreaks 17 sees Bones at his gritty, eclectic best. Songs like "Techno Dot" and "I Want The People to Know" hail back to a simpler time in dance music history, and are largely produced using analogue equipment that yields a more stripped-down, urban sound. "Your character flaws are what define your character," Bones has told Magnetic Magazine of his sound design school of thought.

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Frankie Bones released both the first and second editions of Bonesbreaks in 1988 as a record intended for use in DJ sets as opposed to at-home play. "With number two, we sold 22,000 copies out of the trunk of a car," he commented. "Just the whole breaks concept, like there were disco breaks but they weren’t DJ breaks, and that’s how I got my shot to go to England where all the Bonesbreaks records were being bought by kids in the streets before they had studios."

Frankie Bones will continue to re-release previous editions of Bonesbreaks in addition to putting out new ones. At the same time, though, he intends to gear his Bangin Music imprint towards releasing new techno from artists like Woody McBride and Paul Birken in the months to follow.

In the meantime, click here to preview and download songs from Bonesbreaks 17 - and take a look at the official tracklist for the effort below:

1. When The Bass Drops
2. Electropoliss
3. Frankie’s Analog Anthem
4. Come Closer
5. I Want The People To Know
6. Imperial Highway
7. It’s Me Again
8. Kneel Before Your Master
9. Techno Dot
10. Control

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