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asics gel lyte

Great kicks that go with everything are essential - Asics Tiger Gels are a good look.

ASICS Tiger Sneakers

Comfortable and stylin' sneakers that go with all the clothing you packed are clutch. You really don't want to pack a second pair of shoes when you are traveling on shorter trips; you want to get your bag on as a carry on to save your ass some time, right? 

The ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte's are the perfect balance between style and comfort, and they come in a variety of earthy colors sure to match your wardrobe selections fairly easily (see our selections below from Bridge & Burn, for instance, as these two brands work well together).  

They are easy to slip off, are subtle enough to work in just about every situation, and can be dressed up or down. Hell, you can even work out in them if you are so inclined. Check the gallery below for some more looks.

Bedgear Pillows

dusk pillow

Bedgear makes serious pillows, protect ya neck with the Dusk 2.0

Yes, you can roll out with a pillow on your trips. Think about how important pillows are to your quality of sleep. Very important. I got ahold of the Dusk 2.0 from Bedgear to give it a trial run and it is superb on every level. The cost is on the high end but if you are a troubled sleeper like I am it's worth every penny. You can go to their website to get yourself sized up for the pillow that's best for you in their lineup. They offer different models for different sleeping styles. 

The Dusk 2.0 has the perfect amount of give and support, keeps cool, and would be worth lugging along on your longer trips. No, it won't fit in the G-RO (see below) but you'll find a way. 

Bridge & Burn Clothing 

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Bridge & Burn Jacket

Bridge & Burn Jacket

Being on the road means that you don't have a lot of time to think about your clothing. It's essential to have gear that is not only stylish but comfortable and can work in all sorts of weather. Bridge & Burn from Portland, OR knows this all to well, as their climate changes its mind more than Donald Trump. 

They make gear for both men and women that is easy to mix and match, layers well, and is very comfortable. We chose some of our favorite items in the gallery below. You can check their website out here. 

G-RO Luggage

Meet G-RO, the badass little suitcase that will change up your game.

Meet G-RO, the badass little suitcase that will change up your game.

G-RO has been generating some serious buzz for a while now, and they are close to shipping their first batch to arrive this December. How do I know? I bought one and I've been very patiently waiting for it. This literally might be the best carry-on bag ever created; just watch the video and you'll be convinced. More here.

HUMAN Wireless Headphones

HUMAN Headphones? Errrr Earphones? Earcups? Awesome future gear. 

HUMAN Headphones? Errrr Earphones? Earcups? Awesome future gear. 

These look so awesome in so many ways. Headphones that cup your ears and fully integrate with your body. They even have a beta test in the works that will actually let you use them for real-time translating. No need to learn Spanish anymore, just pop these on.

Welcome to the future, it's right around the corner. You can grab them here. 

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