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Get Moody, Get Signed - Editor's Picks from Our Entries So Far

Three of the more promising candidates from Magnetic Magazine, Moody Recordings and Point Blank's contest
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There's no better way to kick off the weekend then brand new house music - let's by honest, that's the real reason we organized a competition like this. As a matter of fact, my job's the easiest; Moody Recordings and Point Blank Music College did the heavy lifting by putting together the Get Moody, Get Signed contest, and all I've gotta do is give some of the submissions a listen.

To wrap up my work week, I've picked three of the tracks we've received so far that I think show the most promise. We've still got plenty more where that came from, so keep an ear to the ground as the deadline approaches

If you think you've got what it takes to get signed, then don't sleep on this contest. Get Moody, Get Signed right here.

"Staycation" - P-Lask

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One track from the bunch that I'm definitely feeling is "Staycation" by P-Lask. This track has all the classic Chicago house soul without the dated production values that come with it all too often.

"Memory Loss" - Peter Lansford

Peter Lansford's submission is thinkin' man's music, which is ironic considering that it's titled "Memory Loss." The simple groove on which this song's arrangement is built opens up around the halfway point, unfolding into an otherworldly chord progression that speaks to the more cerebral music enthusiast.

"Listen Up" - Dave Edwards

This one's got my vote so far. It's hard to strike an effective balance between melody and dissonance, but "Listen Up" by Dave Edwards does so with style. Ambient sound effects and a primal vocal refrain counterbalance this song's reverberant bass line and stripped-down synth lead in a way guaranteed to set a crowded warehouse on fire.

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