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Does Gorillaz' Web Makeover Mean that Album Announcements are Around the Corner?

The official Gorillaz website and social media channels just underwent significant changes
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Gorillaz 2016 Profile Pic Silhouettes

We've known for a good while that a new Gorillaz album was on the way, but aside from a vague time frame here and rumored collaboration there, official announcements have been slim to none. That could very well change in the days to come, however, as the British virtual band have completely overhauled their online presence.

The Gorillaz website now consists of an interactive theater-style video player that allows visitors to watch music videos that accompanied some of the group's more celebrated singles - like "Dirty Harry," "On Melancholy Hill" and "Stylo" - by choosing them from a sidebar menu. In addition, their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages now feature different profile pictures that all appear to have changed right around the same time.

The music video player format of the updated website would certainly set the stage for the early release of a single or two from Gorillaz' upcoming effort. With any luck they will arrive sooner than later - in addition to a title, tracklist and/or official release date for the effort.

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