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Imagine Offers Scammed VIP Attendees $200 Consolation Credit for Next Year's Edition

The festival's organizers have issued their first public statement acknowledging the false advertisement claims
Imagine Festival Alex G Perez

Photo credit: Alex G Perez

Last weekend's Imagine Festival was the most recent outdoor electronic music festival to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Its organizers have just made the first steps towards reconciling with attendees who claim to have fallen victim to false advertisement, but so far what they've offered hasn't been met with universal approval.

Imagine promoter IRIS Presents has sent out an apology email to attendees of the 2016 edition who opted for VIP tickets. In addition to addressing the issue of VIP amenities and festival layout issues, it states that the festival's organizers are coordinating with Eventbrite to issue a $200 credit towards the purchase of a VIP ticket in 2017.

Imagine Festival Super VIP

A photo of signage allegedly used by the "Super VIP" scammers shared online by Imagine attendees.

However, some festivalgoers have denounced the gesture, pointing out that even the Customer Appreciation presale tickets for Imagine Festival 2017 that Iris Presents announced around the same time run $228. Numerous VIP attendees who have reached out to Magnetic Magazine privately have expressed that they will never again give the promoter their patronage, so being consoled with entry to next year's event for $28 is far from what they consider to be an appropriate resolution.

Glen and Madeleine Goodhand

Iris Presents founders Glen and Madeleine Goodhand. Photo credit: Atlanta Business Chronicle.

As of this writing, Imagine Festival promoters Glen and Madeleine Goodhand have not gone on the record to explain their side of the story. Until IRIS Presents releases any other official statements, you can read the full email issued to VIP attendees below.

Dear VIP Customer,

Thank you for attending Imagine Festival this weekend. We have received several complaints regarding VIP amenities and we would like to take a moment to address and remedy those grievances. We would also like to open up this direct line of communication between us.

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We faced many challenges this year including issues with security, fire marshall, and working with a new concessionaire that ultimately affected the VIP experience for our customers. With your help and feedback, we are working diligently to identify and correct all issues to ensure they are not part of our programming in 2017. Some things that will immediately be fixed for next year include adding more security to VIP areas to ensure the VIP areas are used exclusively by VIPs.

AMS is a great site, however, it is very large and can be confusing to both customers and staff. Better signage will make the site easier to navigate and allow people to find the activations that were in place. The AMS has facilities that can accommodate over 100,000 people. We need to improve our signage so everyone can find them. We will also work on bringing stages and activations closer together. Informing all staff about our VIP programs will also help get all VIP customers better service. We are already talking to the fire marshall and making plans to make the VIP deck much larger next year to prevent capacity issues. We know we are not perfect but we strive for 100% satisfaction and look forward to making everyone's Imagine Festival experience better than they could have ever expected.

We want you to be happy and we want you to come back. We are working with Eventbrite to provide all VIP ticket purchasers with a $200 voucher you may use towards VIP tickets for 2017. If you purchased multiple tickets, you will receive a voucher for each ticket you purchased. Your voucher will be sentwithin 48 hours with instructions on how to redeem.

We are working with the Atlanta Motor Speedway and new Contractors and vendors to make sure the issues that happened this year will not be part of 2017. We have also sent out a survey to get more of your feedback so we can identify any additional concerns and ways we can improve the show. The more detailed you can be in your experience, the better we will be able to improve.

We are disappointed some of you walked away from our event not feeling satisfied. We will use this as a catalyst to work even harder to achieve our goal of 100% satisfaction. We hope that you will continue to have faith in our brand and be understanding of the adjustment to a new larger venue. We will work tirelessly to provide you all, and all of our customers, with the very best experience possible.

We truly love our fans from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate each of you. This festival is a direct result of your love and appreciation and we will not let you down. There were a lot of great things at Imagine 2016 but we will continue to stay laser focused on how to improve. With your help, this festival can be an absolutely magical experience for everyone. We thank you for working with us and giving us the opportunity to learn and improve as each year of Imagine gets better.

Thank you for believing in Imagine!


Glenn & Maddy

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