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It's Official: Electric Forest will Take Place Over Two Weekends in 2017

"How do we preserve intimacy and integrity while welcoming new friends?"
Electric Forest 2016

Electric Forest 2016

The 2016 EDM bubble burst apparently hasn't hampered festival promoters unilaterally, as Electric Forest is gearing up for a major expansion 2017. The Rothbury, Michigan festival's organizers have announced that next year's edition of the festival will take place across two weekends.

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Electric Forest's planners had requested permits to hold events on back-to-back weekends last week, but only recently confirmed that they had gone through. "This is not untethered growth," read an official statement issued by the festival. "This is mindful evolution with tremendous care being placed on the deepest ideals of the Forest."

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In addition, a post to Electric Forest's website also presents a Q&A-style explanation of how the expansion will affect pricing, capacity and other aspects of the event. Of course, how it actually impacts the festival brand in practice remains to be seen - after it takes place from June 22nd-25th and June 29th-July 2nd of 2017, the music community will certainly have a better idea.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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