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Jauz Drops a Drum and Bass Flip of Porter Robinson's "Language"

Jauz tested out his spin on "Language" at Mad Decent Block Party in Colorado
Jauz Red Rocks Andrew carey

Photo Credit: Andrew Carey.

Few songs evoke the kinds of feelings that Porter Robinson's 2011 single "Language" does, so it takes a special kind of producer to do it justice with a remix. Jauz has proven himself capable of the task at hand, however, as his drum and bass version of of the track renews its relevance in the wake of the genre's recent resurgence.

During his Mad Decent Block Party performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver, Colorado, Jauz cued up the remix to the delight of lighter-waving onlookers. As its iconic synth lead rings out for the first several measures all you notice is that its a higher tempo than the original, but then a sped-up Amen break kicks in that makes you hear it as never before.

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Jauz is notorious for dropping numerous edits of popular tracks throughout his sets, but hopefully he'll have Robinson's blessing to release this one as a full-on remix. Keep an ear out for the official release in the event that he does so sooner rather than later.

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