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Joman Unveils First Round of Gag Lineup Announcements for Decadence NYE 2016

We are SO glad Joman's bringing this series back for 2016
Joman Decadence 2016 Aiden Jude

Honestly, we got more excited over these memes than any legitimate lineup announcement that's come our way all year. If you bore witness to the unbridled hilarity that Joman unleashed on the internet leading up to last year's edition of Decadence NYE, then you know you're in for a treat. 

In between working on his upcoming album and lambasting Beatport's new genre tags in a handful of online forums, the Denver-based DJ/producer managed to set aside enough enough time to crank out 20 of these farcical lineup announcements. Just like last year, they range from noteworthy public figures to absurd, fanciful abstractions.

These first 20 gag lineup announcements in the gallery below are only the tip of the iceberg, though. Joman has encouraged fans of the series to make requests, so if you think you have a good enough idea for him to 'Shop out then make sure to let him know.

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In the meantime, Decadence NYE's organizers have hinted that they will soon start to announce the artists on its actual lineup, so if you're planning on spending New Years in the Mile High City then keep an eye out in the days to follow. 

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