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Joman Goes Right Off the Rails with Third Phase of Farcical Decadence NYE 2016 Headliners

This batch of memes got borderline existential at times
Joman Skrillex Jackson Corey Feldman Decadence NYE 2016

It's only fitting that the 2016 edition of Denver DJ/producer Joseph Mancuso A.K.A. Joman's Decadence NYE 2016 spoof headliner announcements go out with a bang - and bang these memes did. We laughed, we cried, a few of us needed to take a shower after looking at these, but the third and final phase of this year's series is in finally the books. 

Beloved '90s sitcom Seinfeld was the only pop culture reference that remained intact by phase three, where public figures like Corey Feldman and Barack Obama were listed as "Skrillex Jackson" and "Drone Bomba," respectively. Some of these images feel like they're staring into your soul, though - such as the especially off-putting "Brangelina Hologram," for instance.

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Joman wasted no time turning out this year's first, second and third phases of what's shaping up to be a beloved annual series. It's not like the requests are gonna stop rolling in through his Facebook page anytime soon, so we wouldn't be all that surprised if another fake headliner or two trickle out seeing as how more than three months still remain until Decadence NYE even takes place.

Speaking of which, Decadence NYE takes place from December 30th-31st at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, and the event's organizers have mentioned that the actual lineup is due out soon. If you plan to attend, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement in the weeks to follow.

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