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Joman Releases Ludicrous Second Round of Fake Decadence NYE Headliners

The controllerist one had us dying
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Brock Turner Joman Decadence NYE

Talk about a fast turnaround. Denver-based DJ/producer Joseph Mancuso A.K.A. Joman has taken it upon himself to make a meme lineup of Decadence NYE before the event's actual lineup even drops; the first 20 were side splitting enough but the second round really brings the heat.

Among the more topical entries in the second 20-image batch are Corey Feldman and the Zika virus, in addition to more timeless additions like "the sync button" and "guy who asks to collab and sits in your studio staring at his phone while you do literally everything." Popcoorn, the latest anthropomorphic junk food artist project to elicit hate from the electronic music community at large, made a cryptic comment on his own entry:

Popcoorn Joman Decadence NYE
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Joman is no stranger to viral content, as his 2012 joke song and accompanying video, "Daymanstep," garnered millions of views as well as the attention of the producers of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He's announced that he will reveal the third and final round of spoof Decadence NYE headliners tomorrow, September 20th - to offer last-minute suggestions in hopes of seeing your idea make it into the series, leave a comment on his Facebook page.

In the meantime, take a look through the second round of images in the gallery below and stay tuned for an official lineup announcement from Decadence NYE in the weeks to follow.

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