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Krewella's Former Tour Manager Blatantly Rips Off deadmau5' Cube Stage Setup

"It's pretty frustrating to spend millions of dollars on an idea that sets you apart only to be poorly replicated by someone else."
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Considering how often deadmau5 publicly humiliates people who steal his ideas, you would think they might stop trying it so often. It's barely been a week since he called out the members of a New Orleans "shadow rap" group for misappropriating his 2008 Kaskade collaboration, "I Remember," but now he's found himself the victim of plagiarism on a much larger scale - literally.

One of the 'mau5 followers brought to his attention that an imitation of his iconic Cube Stage setup had been assembled for a concert headlined by Australian DJ/producer Tigerlily at the Summit in Austin, Texas by tweeting the following video:

As deadmau5 later pointed out, Tigerlily herself had not been involved with the Cube replica, which in and of itself is bad enough. How did she not know it was a rip-off? A brief search revealed that it had been the brainchild of Erik Fink of Harkonnen Entertainment, who apparently used to be Krewella's tour manager. 

After deadmau5 and his followers tracked down Fink's social media channels, they commenced a full-scale verbal evisceration. Fink then publicly owned up to the massive blunder in full, which prompted the following exchange:

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By deadmau5 standards, the justification above is actually remarkably patient - and pretty difficult to disagree with. This is the internet we're talking about, though, so somebody was bound to take issue.

An Austin DJ that goes by Nick Twist defended Fink's plagiarism by tweeting:

Even in spite of the inflammatory tweets, deadmau5 responded to another of his followers that he and Fink had "resolved the matter hours ago." Being that the progressive house icon hasn't shied away from lawyering up over copyright infringement in the past, the incident stands out as one of his most merciful Twitter feuds in recent memory.

The original incarnation of the Cube made its debut during the tour accompanying deadmau5' 2010 album, 4x4=12. Earlier this year, he had shelled out millions of dollars to build the Cube 2.0 - which he then debuted at this year's edition of Veld Music Festival. It continues to evolve over subsequent tours and V3 was unveiled at Ultra 2019 with a full tour to come.

It's unlikely that anything more will come out of deadmau5' dispute with Erik Fink over his Cube replica at the Summit. If the recent trend persists, however, somebody else will attempt to misappropriate more of the 'mau5' intellectual property around the same time next week.

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