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League of Legends Hints that Zedd is the Producer of This Year's Worlds Anthem

...With any luck, Zedd won't just outsource the project to Grey this time around
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New Zedd Album Announced With Date

It's nothing out of the ordinary for game developers to find tie-ins with electronic music artists (as evidenced by our recent Industry Focus piece), but when a name as big as Zedd is involved the news is bound to turn some heads. League of Legends' marketers at Riot Games only vaguely alluded to the German DJ/producer being the mind behind this year's "Worlds anthem," but it's already sent ripples through both camps' overlapping fan base.

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In the following animation posted to the LOL Esports Facebook page, you can see Zedd's logo behind that of League of Legends 2016 World Championship:

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The League of Legends franchise was conceived in 2009, and the World Championships have taken place annually since 2011. Imagine Dragons had performed the 2014 anthem, "Warriors," live at the opening and ending ceremonies of the same year - but the 2015 anthem, "Worlds Collide!" was written and produced by Riot Games' in-house music team and featured vocals by Nicki Taylor.

The League of Legends World Championship's opening ceremony will commence on September 29th. Neither Riot Games nor Zedd have confirmed that he will be responsible for the Worlds anthem, but an official announcement is all but certain to follow sometime in the days to follow.

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