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Tijuana, Mexico is about to get hit by a tsunami of acidic techno beats by way of Eternal Gatherings of San Diego. The notorious event brand has been developing since 2008, taking pride in their intensively packed origin techno and house artists.

Stepping away from the popular norm, their events covet the understanding of quality and rich techno sound by developing lineups that consist of nothing but pure talent. This event promises 24 hours of nonstop music scaling from techno and house to psytrance, jungle, drum and bass and various genres in between.

Eternal Gatherings' lineup consists of underground heroes Woody McBride (DJ ESP), Tim Baker, Joe Hix, Halo Varga and Jimbo James. The festival is also hosting a smorgasbord of under-the-radar artists such as, Terry James, Digital Lizards of Doom, Violin Girl, prettyhowtown, Dirty Disciple, Chernobyl Child, Hidhawk, Steph Russ & Wade Blazer, A Guy Called Victor, Dan Cornaggia, Vinny Bricks, Mezzamind, Umenos, Alonso Morales, Jan Ozlanski, Lauden, Oscar Median, Movat, CosmicFellas, Maclo, Armand Padilla & Martyn Rocha.

The same promoters who are hosting Eternal Gatherings in Tijuana were the ones who brought you No Party Like A Detroit Party during Detroit techno festival Movement this year - and just like NPLADP, they're having another form of the charitable mission involved in this Friday's event. The event will be hosting a canned food and clothing drive for Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Angeles, a local orphanage, so attendees are encouraged to pack heavy and leave light of heart!

DJ and producer Woody McBride

DJ/producer Woody McBride.

Magnetic Magazine had a chance to sit down with Woody McBride, Tim Baker & Joe Hix to ask them a few questions:

What is it like to see techno evolve as a genre since the '80s in Detroit?

Tim Baker: It's been quite an incredible journey for me to say the least. Not only watching the club culture grow and evolve, but the quality and quantity of music production as well are quite amazing.

Joe Hix: It's been a really wonderful experience for me. I mean, I have had a front row seat to the innovation and evolution of techno. It's pretty amazing when the thing you grew up on and the thing you have a great passion for, happens to be right in your backyard.

How has techno developed in not so known places, such as North Dakota? Is there a heavy scene there?

Woody McBride: Techno and other styles of electronic music are everywhere the web is it seems relative to iPods, phones, online mixes and car stereos. As far as clubs and events, it's quite common compared to even 10 years ago - Especially in Europe, there is a techno bar in every city. North Dakota is heavy into electronic music but more of the earthy bass music style like Northern California - there is house and techno in the shadows there.

Has the changes in gear and technology, in your opinion, hinder or facilitate an artist's creativity?

Tim Baker: Definitely has boosted the creativity factor

Joe Hix: I think for the most part the changes have been good. With as much as technology has advanced in the past 20 years, it really makes an artists options pretty much endless.

Woody McBride: Sound quality and distribution has improved, but artistry has remained constant.

How important are events that have some type of charitable concept or effort?

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Tim Baker: Dance music culture has been based on kindness and giving back in my opinion. I feel its very important to reach out and help as many people as you possibly can if you have the opportunity to do so.

Joe Hix: I am always all for any kind of giving back. With so much greed and inequality in the world, I think giving is one of the most important things you can do as a human.

Woody McBride: Kindness goes a long way in this sick world.

Big Joe Hix

Big Joe Hix

As someone who has been a part of the history of electronic music, where do you see its future?

Tim Baker: With all the new technology and connectivity in the world now with the internet now, the future I feel we will be tied closer together with artists from all over the world and streaming is going to be a large part of it.

Joe Hix: I am hopeful for the future of proper techno and House music. I think it will remain to be more popular abroad than in the States, but we still have our pockets of the underground, which I am grateful for.

Woody McBride: We are the rebel sound that fights the oppression of the mind by the slave-state war machine. We will crank up the noise and the bass if they continue to tighten the screws on humanity. All the backwards hateful people out there need some good techno more than ever - it is the soundtrack for world harmony.

What hopes do you have for Friday's event? What are you planning on bringing the audience?

Tim Baker: I’m looking forward to bringing the people at the event a piece of my musical soul and experiences for a few hours.

Joe Hix: I am hoping to share a special experience with everyone there. I am bringing my headphones, a lot of great music and a love for what I do, hopefully, they are ready for what I bring to the tables!!

Woody McBride: Peace, love and mental music!

Check out Tim Baker's Mix for Magnetic Magazine here:

Those in the San Diego area, if you are interested in a weekend getaway filled with true techno than pack your bags and head to Balneario Las Palmas in Tijuana this Friday! You will have access to pools, showers and grills on the campsite. There will be food vendors and a cash bar, but No ATMS so make sure you bring enough denjiero, as it were. Online ticket sales have ended, so you can purchase yours at the gate of the site - 500 pesos or $35!

There will be shuttles on the Mexican side of the border to take you to the location. All other information can be found out on their Facebook event page.

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