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Podcast: Lights/Out Selection with Guest Mix and Exclusive Interview with Ramin [West Coast Podcast]

The found and curator for the West Coast Podcast stops by for a chat with a killer guest mix
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Ramin, mastermind of the West Coast Podcast

It's not quite the weekend, but we can still make time for some fun. This week on the Lights/Out Selection, we are going to change things up a bit. In the past, every show has either been a mix from myself or an artist we love, but, there are more players in the field of electronic music than just artists. 

What about the people who work behind the scenes? Where is the love for the ones who bust their asses to bring you the freshest content around, whether that be in the form of other blogs, radio shows, or events? Why aren't the people who keep the other half of the music machine going getting any praise?

Well, we are going to change that. This episode features a mix from a fellow music lover and radio show you may have heard of: The West Coast Podcast. The program is barely two years old, and has already featured some stellar artists, so today we get to know the man behind the show, Ramin. It's always interesting to hear what these kinds of people are listening to, and to learn where they came from. In the following interview, we get a good look at Ramin, and the West Coast Podcast's past, present, and future. It's not every day a blog interviews another blog, and while competition can be rather fierce on the web, at the end of the day we are all one in the same: freaks that listen to electronic music. 

1) So starting this off, how are you, where are you, and what are have you been up to recently?

I'm good! Living in the north county right now and working up in Temecula at a Biotech Company. West Coast Podcast is a side project/hobby that I use as an escape from reality.

2) What was your introduction into electronic music and club culture?

I’d say what attracted me to electronic music was watching Aphex Twin and Trentemøller on VH1 and MTV when I was younger. They definitely stood out to me more than all the other ones. Club culture wise, I went to my first club when I was 18 - this place called Voyeur in San Diego. They actually had an 18+ night with Laidback Luke. This was before all that big room house music. He played a full tech/electro house set. Wasn’t my cup of tea at the time, but fell in love with the nightlife.

3) Speaking of introductions, at what moment did you realize that electronic music was for you?

After seeing Kill Frenzy smash a small room NYE 2014 with about 30-40 people on Funktion Ones. A mix of tech house and fatty bass lines literally blew my mind.

4) OK, enough with the basic questions. The West Coast Podcast - what inspired you to do that?

One of my neighbors was dating this chick and she wanted to go to this festival called Desert Hearts, so my friend invited me to tag along and I only knew a few on the lineup. It was their two-year anniversary at a new venue called Los Coyotes only about an hour from my house. During that weekend I saw Tiefschwarz Saturday night, and at the time had no clue who he was, but wow! One of my favorite sets of all time. I knew I had found my happy place and wanted to share it with my friends. I thought to myself, "How can I share this type of music with my friends and how can I contribute to the community?" so I started up West Coast Podcast, which consists of house and techno.

5) How did you take the podcast from a passion project, to a full blown feature with MusicIs4Lovers?

Well I wanted to start throwing parties so I hit up Dadon and Jimbo James (both founders of and Lovelife) for some guidance. They told me to come up to LA so we can talk about it. We didn’t really even talk about throwing parties but they got straight to the point and ended up proposing a MI4L x WCP collab.

6) This may be hard to answer, but is there a specific mix that really stood out to you?

Hmm I’d have to say that Tiefschwarz Saturday night. Luckily, Desert Hearts uploads all the festival sets up to their SoundCloud so I can relive the experience again and again!

7) What has the feedback been like since you merged with MI4L?

MI4L has definitely helped WCP get its name out there. Some artists were hard to book when I was by myself but now since we’ve merged it, it’s gotten a bit easier.

8) As a DJ, are there any memorable moments from any of your gigs that really stand out above the rest?

I’d have to say when the Dangle Zone booked me to play w/ Pillowtalk on my birthday. Had a full house upstairs at Spin Nightclub in San Diego.

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9) While preparing for a gig, what kinds of things are running through your head? Is there a message you are trying to convey to your audience with the music you play?

While preparing for a gig I try to find tracks that will satisfy my needs and the crowd. I want all of us to be on the same level!

10) Seeing as you are no stranger to standing behind the decks, when you are in the crowd watching an artist perform, what are things you are listening to? Do you take mental notes, or just get lost in the music?

If the artist can perform fine mixing and give me quality tracks I’m going to get lost as fuck!

11) Give us your top 3 tracks you’ve had on repeat at the moment.

Sabb & Serge Devant Ft. Forrest – Affair - Unreleased

Bontan – 33 45 (JHonsson Remix)

Avesie & Luke Davidson – Eledance

12) Now, regardless of genre, what are your top 3 favorite tracks of all time?

I have too many “Top” favorite tracks but I’d have to say:

Aphex Twins – Window Licker

Radiohead – Idioteque

Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Remix)

13) Are there any artists you’ve discovered while looking for records that you think are about to make an impact?

There’s actually two guys. I’d have to say Latmun who is a young tech house producer from the UK that is creating massive bangers. He has a very bright future for himself and the style he has created. The second is Dennis Cruz who we have a feature on WCP already. These guys are going to be big!

14) What does the future hold for you, and for the West Coast Podcast? Anything exciting we should look out for?

To be honest I don’t know what the future holds for us but I can tell you we have an upcoming artist that will be Ft. on WCP that has released on No. 19 Music! And of course, be on the lookout for our first party. No set date or details yet, but we can say it’s definitely going to be memorable one!

15) To conclude this interview, what can we expect to hear in your guest mix?

A mix of pumping tech house to melodic, thumpin' techno 

Be sure to check out and support Ramin and the West Coast Podcast

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