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Listen: The Artist Formerly Known as Chet Faker's First Single as Nick Murphy, "Fear Less"

"Fear Less" makes for a decidedly ambient departure from Murphy's usual releases
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Chet Faker

Chet Faker

We were hoping that Nick Murphy's transition away from the Chet Faker moniker would be accompanied by new music, and our prayers have been answered... Sort of. The Australian DJ/producer has released "Fear Less," which sounds markedly more electronic than much of his other discography.

Where Chet Faker songs showcased a distinctive soulfulness, "Fear Less" sounds a bit more like somebody slapped an acid house bass line onto a Radiohead track. That's not to say it's a lousy single by any means - but it's definitely different from what we would have expected Murphy to turn out so soon after the Altitude & Oxygen EP

Be that as it may, we'd be the last to lambaste an artist for exploring uncharted musical territory - especially one who stays as true to their process as Nick Murphy. We look forward to seeing what else his new creative tangent yields in the months to follow.

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