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Listen: Unreleased Flume Track Repurposed for Keep Sydney Open Campaign

An initiative that aims to curb Sydney's live music venue lockout has repurposed a previously unreleased Flume song

Just for the record, we here at Magnetic Magazine can't think of a better way for an unreleased Flume track to see the light of day than in protest of lockouts threatening live music venues. The Keep Sydney Open campaign has done just that with "Heater," which assigns the track just a bit more meaning than a usual release.

For what it's worth, "Heater" will also eventually be released through Future Classic - but for now, it's the background music of the above informational video that details the closures of numerous Sydney venues as a result of recent legislation. The track itself bears the proto-future bass hallmarks common to most of Flume's discography, replete with reverberant pad synths set to an R&B tempo.

Keep Sydney Open has scheduled another rally to oppose the lockouts for October 9th. For more information on the initiative, visit its Facebook page.

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